What we Do

Buildings & Builders is an industry leading provider of specialty trade factor market solutions, taking care of all Division 6 structural framing and component construction for the largest builders & developers in the country. Buildings & Builders also provided full scale remodeling services and single family new home construction to the public at large.

we are Your one-Stop LAbor Service Provider

Home Building

Our home building solution connects builders in need of laborers with a reliable company that provides skilled and experienced construction workers.

Labor Solutions

We specialize in delivering labor solutions to meet the unique needs for building & component companies, ensuring efficient and skilled workforce support.


Our construction services provide dependable labor solutions tailored to building and component companies, meeting your project requirements

Our Story

Founded in 1983 by Fernando Jose Lacayo, a famous Nicaraguan Architect, and Fernando Alfredo Lacayo Sr, an Industrial Engineer and General Contractor, Buildings & Builders began it’s history as the premier home builder in the Miami Dade market.

250 homes later, Buildings & Builders had made a name for itself as the most-preferred, quality custom home builder by home buyers. However, in 1995, the company was dissolved due to Fernando Jose’s passing. The memory of Fernando Jose weighed heavily on Fernando Alfredo.

More than 20 years later, Fernando Alfredo Lacayo Muller (Jr) purchased the rights to the name “Buildings & Builders” and reformed the company in 2017 as a consultancy, advising the largest banks & builders in the construction segment.

In 2019, 8 years after beginning his career in construction, Fernando and 6 contractors signed a contract with one of the largest material suppliers in the country to provide Division 6 construction & structural framing, for the biggest home developers in the US. With an unparalleled dedication to Contractor & Client success, Buildings & Builders has built more than 22,000 homes for the most well known & acclaimed builders in the country.

Today, Buildings & Builders operates in several States & throughout Latin America. Representing over 150 contractors & maintaining one of the largest skilled workforces in the US, bringing confidence to any project, no matter the size or scope